Elegant CISS for HP 932XL 933XL Ink Ink OfficeJet Pro 7110 7510 7512 7610 7612

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Description Elegant CISS for HP 932XL 933XL Ink Ink OfficeJet Pro 7110 7510 7512 7610 7612

CISS - Continuous Ink Supply System

Prefilled with 500 ml InkTec® high-quality pigment ink. The ink level indicator works as usual!!

NEW & EXCLUSIVE! The tanks are hidden in an elegant box. A futuristic and understated design makes this stylish CISS system perfectly for your office and home. Thanks the box construction maximum protection from UV radiation is reached! The tanks have a XXL volume - 4 x 100 ml.

Elegant Continuous Ink Supply System with auto reset chips, prefilled with 500 ml InkTec® pigment ink, compatible to the printers:

  • HP Officejet Pro 6100 eprinter
  • HP Officejet Pro 6600 e-All-in-One
  • HP Officejet Pro 6700 Premium
  • HP Officejet Pro 7610 e-All-in-One
  • HP Officejet Pro 7612 e-All-in-One

And all other HP printers with cartridges:

  • Nr. 932 (XL) / 933 (XL)
  • CN053 / CN057 (Black), CN056 (Yellow), CN055 (Magenta), CN054 (Cyan)

The CISS cartridges will be recognized as New. The AUTO RESET CHIPS are already integrated.
After the cartridge is empty, the full ink level is displayed again!


Never again buy cartridges and lose your money! Save up to 96%!

With us you have the following purchase advantages:

  • Fast shipping! Today until 12:00 noon ordered, the same day shipped!
  • All of one single source! In our store you find a wide choice of all-types refill products!


With this CISS you have the following advantages:

  • No chip reset needed!
  • Prefilled with InkTec® pigment ink!
  • CISS cartridges already preinstalled with AUTO RESET CHIPS!!
  • Maximum protection from UV radiation for your expressions!
  • Sponge-free system for a long life of the printing system!
  • A enormous capacity of over 500 ml!
  • Proved quality!

In our store you can flexible order the additional InkTec® ink!

With our premium ink you have following advantages:

  • No universal ink, that may have poor printing results, but the high-quality ink that is particular customized to your printer!
  • No junk-ink, with which the print heads clog fast, but one of the best inks of the world with that you can’t do anything wrong!
  • No falsified colors and frayed edges, but printing and color fidelity by the high quality brand ink! No fading the colors after shortest time!
  • No wrong saving: „Now save by the ink, later spend much more money for the new print heads“, you buy maybe the best refill ink worldwide - InkTec® ink!


You will see the difference!

Package include:
  • 4 cartridges with 4 preinstalled tanks incl. seals, plugs and air filters!
  • Tube routings and mounting plates!
  • Prefilled with 500 ml InkTec® pigment ink!
  • Detailed installation guide!
  • 100% compatible new goods!


In our store you find this elegant CISS also in white!


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