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Why Choose a Continuous Ink System?

A Continuous Ink System (CISS) presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional inkjet printer cartridges. Unlike standard cartridges, a CISS utilizes large ink reservoirs connected to the print head via tubes. These reservoirs are easily refillable, often without the need for additional accessories.

The inkjet printer industry views CISS technology as a threat to cartridge sales. However, users with high printing needs demand lower ink costs, leading to an ongoing battle. Manufacturers frequently alter ink formulas, chip designs, and cartridge models, forcing CISS producers to tirelessly innovate. Not all succeed, but we strive to offer our customers the latest chip technology by partnering with leading and reputable manufacturers. To circumvent the need to reset cartridge chips after each refill, our products predominantly feature auto-reset chips, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

A significant benefit of CISS technology is not just cost savings but also the ability to use specialized inks. Printer ink is more than just color; it includes components to ensure fluidity, protect micro-fine print nozzles from rust, and in many cases, act as a coolant for the print head.

Using cheap, universal ink can lead to poor print quality and damage the print head. Interactions between low-quality inks and certain plastics in the CISS can also degrade print quality and the condition of the print head, making the initial savings less than the cost of a new printer. Therefore, quality is crucial when purchasing printer ink. We source our inks from a renowned manufacturer known for 100% compatibility and color accuracy, ensuring all our inks are specially formulated for specific printer models and lab-tested.

The Advantages of Continuous Ink Systems

With CISS, you utilize ink more efficiently than with manufacturer-provided cartridges. Since the colors can be refilled individually, there's no need to replace entire cartridges. Each ink chamber leads to a roughly 100ml ink reservoir, automatically refilled via siphon effect, ensuring constant ink supply.

The reservoirs, made of transparent polyethylene, allow easy monitoring and refilling. Filling is quick and simple: open the stopper, refill, close, and you're ready to print. This cartridge-free technology also extends the product's lifespan. We fill our CISS with high-quality inks, ensuring longevity and performance.

Your Benefits at a Glance

- Cost Savings: Buy refill inks instead of original cartridges and save significantly.
- Control Over Ink Usage: Individually refillable ink tanks provide precise usage monitoring.
- Ease of Use: CISS and refill cartridges are as simple to use as originals—insert and print.
- High-Quality Printing: Achieve superior print quality with brand-name inks.
- Extended Print Head Life: Continuous ink supply increases print head lifespan.
- Convenience: Our CISS and refill cartridges come with pre-installed auto-reset chips.
- Complete Refill Kits: Everything you need for refilling is included.
- Fresh Products: We always offer the latest chips and quality assured.
- Certified Quality: Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards with full warranty on all our products.

Savings with Refill Inks

- 1 x 100 ml Ink (Black) for 7 refills: €4
- 7 x HP Original Cartridge (Black) at €27 each: €182
- Total Savings: €178

Why Buy From Us?

- We specialize in high-quality InTec® inks, known for their excellent print quality and UV resistance.
- Fair pricing, inclusive of VAT, with a detailed invoice provided.
- Our inks are perfect for CISS, original, and refill cartridges.
- Our refill sets contain everything you need for a mess-free, easy refill process.
- Detailed instructions in German and English are included.
- A wide variety of refill products to choose from, catering to almost all printer models.
- Customize your order with any color combination in 100 ml or 1-liter sizes.
- Fast delivery (usually within 2 working days).
- Benefit from our extensive experience as a customer.

Questions, Requests, Suggestions?

If you're looking for specific ink/CISS/cartridges and can't find them, please email us. We're here to find personalized solutions for you.