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Continuous ink supply systems.

Continuous Ink Supply System or CISS for short. This device allows you to supply ink from external containers directly to the printer head. Its installation significantly increases its efficiency and economy. For the first time it began to be used at the beginning of the twentieth century, but only now it has received wide distribution and recognition.

The device consists of several components:

  • Auto reset chip.
  • Cartridges.
  • Ink containers.
  • Tubes for ink supply.
  • Fixture for a loop.

The system can be used in containers of different volumes, which makes it possible to use different types of ink. By choosing inks of a certain manufacturer, you can achieve the optimal ratio of price and quality, thereby significantly saving money. Printout24 offers a wide range of CISS containers. All of them are of high quality and efficiency, their design helps to establish an optimal and stable pressure on the inkjet print head. Thanks to such constructive solutions, the system will be able to maintain its working condition for a long time.

As for the scope, CISS is most often used for inkjet printer equipment. The inkjet type head is ideal for this, as it has a large working resource.

The HPC system integrates well with the popular brands EPSON, HP, Canon and Brother equipped with inkjet technology. It reduces the cost of their work by 30-50%! After installing it, you no longer have to buy cartridges, the performance remains the same, but the production cost becomes minimal. It also simplifies maintenance work. It's just the perfect alternative to factory cartridges.

CISS does not reduce the quality of printed products in any way. The printer will continue to perform brilliantly in all tasks, producing excellent quality color materials.

Office inkjet printers are cheaper than laser counterparts and are ideal for this upgrade. They produce hundreds, if not thousands, of printouts every day, so the CISS can save a company a lot of money. It will also allow printed materials to achieve a high range of tones and consistency levels by using high quality inks.

If CISS is purposefully used in business for profit, then it will be able to provide a wide range of services:

  • Fast printing from digital media.
  • Copying of color materials.
  • Create high resolution photos.
  • Creation of banners and advertisements.
  • Mass production of text documents.

This is not a complete list of services, as much depends on the capabilities of the printer itself.

Installation benefits.

  • Consistent high print quality achieved by head pressure equalization.
  • Simplification of the maintenance procedure. There is no more need to change cartridges and clean the head.
  • Reducing the cost of printing until 96 %.
  • Safe operation. No risk of head breakage due to air intrusion during cartridge replacement.
  • Printing in high volumes non-stop.
  • One charge is enough to produce several thousand files.

Advantages of CISS from Printout24.

  • Ease of installation and dismantling.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Installation does not require any intervention in the design of the printer.
  • Preservation of factory guarantees of equipment.
  • After dismantling, there are no traces of the installation of the device.
  • Self-resetting chips. The ink level is adjusted automatically.
  • Transparent containers help to visually determine the level of paint.
  • Large volume donor containers, 10-20 times the volume of the cartridge.
  • Ability to create a huge number of colored materials.
  • Easy to refill ink.
  • Availability of detailed instructions for installation, configuration and operation of the device.
  • Low cost. The price of the system is identical to the cost of a set of cartridges.
  • Elimination of the possibility of air penetration into the head.
  • Guaranteed quality and efficiency of the device.

As practice shows, the continuous ink supply system, in the process of active operation, is able to recoup the cost of the printer about 100 times! One fill of ink is enough to produce 3,000 color photographs and tens of thousands of text files! In addition, there is no longer a need to buy new cartridges or order a professional refill service.

Such indicators have made it very popular, especially in companies, institutions and enterprises that, by virtue of their activities, produce a lot of printed materials. It is indispensable for commercial purposes, for example, for upgrading the equipment of copy centers. This technology expands the capabilities and efficiency of technology, both in the process of manufacturing ordinary and complex color printed products.