About Our Products

Why continuous ink system?

A continuous ink system (continuous ink supply system CISS CIS) is a low-cost substitute for inkjet cartridges. In contrast to conventional cartridges, the CISS uses very large ink tanks that are connected via hoses with the print head. The container can be simply filled, often even no extra accessories are needed.

The inkjet printer industry considers that continuous ink system as a danger for the sale of ink cartridges, while users with high volume demand lower ink costs. The result is neck and neck – the manufacturers change the ink composition, chips, and cartridge models so often that the CISS manufacturer have much troubles, to keep up with the development. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers get this. We strive to offer always the current output of the chips to our customers and therefore only work with the largest and famous manufacturers. To avoid that the chips of the cartridges at every refill must be reset, manufacturers used their own chips, which automatically reset their level – auto reset chips. Our systems have almost exclusively such chips.

The big advantage of the CISS technology is not only cost savings, but also the possibility to use special inks. The printer ink is not just color. Special components must be included to ensure the fluidity. For example also serves as rust protection for the microscopical fine print head nozzles and many heads even as a coolant.

Cheap universal ink brings not only bad print results, but even may destroy the printhead. Also an interaction with certain plastic parts of the CISS can occur by the inks with the poor quality. It degrades the print quality and especially the print head condition. The savings on the purchase of such a CISS is much less than the cost of a new printer. That’s why you shold mind on the printer ink quality! We order our ink by one reputable vendor that supplies also other manufacturers of compatible products worldwide. Our ink supplyer guarantees 100% compatibility of inks and identity of the color spectrum, there is the corresponding certificates for all inks. This means that all our inks are specifically tailored to the respective printer model and tested in the laboratory.

You use the ink much more effective with the continuous ink system than with the supplied printer cartridges of manufacturer possible. Because the colours are individually refillable, not always all cartridges must be changed. From each chamber of the ink cartridges, a hose leads to an approximately 100 ml large ink reservoir (tank). Through resulting siphon effect the ink is drawn automatically from the tanks into the cartridge, the cartridge is constantly supplied with ink.

The ink tanks are made of transparent polyethylene. So you can easily check the ink level by the tanks and if needed to refill them. The filling is done within a few minutes. You must open the plug, fill the ink, close and can immediately print. A long life is achieved by the spongeless technology of the cartridges. We ourselves fill our CISS, and what important with our quality ink.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Buy the refill ink instead of the original cartridges and save lots of money
  • The individually refillable ink cartridges allow control of the ink consumption
  • CISS and refilling cartridges are how originals to use – Insert and print
  • high quality with brand InkTec® refill ink
  • The print head lifespan is increased through continous ink supply
  • Mostly of our CISS and refill cartridges have already assembled auto reset chips
  • Mostly all what you need for the refill process, is included in set
  • We offer always fresh goods with the current chips
  • Proven quality
  • Manufacturing according to ISO 9001
Saving example by purchase of our InkTec® refill ink:

  • 1 x 100 ml Ink for HP363 (black) is enough for 3 refills 7.90€
  • 3 x HP363 original cartridge (black) each €27 81€
  • Savings on the purchase of refill ink 73€
Why buy from us?

  • We provide mainly high-quality InkTec® printer ink
  • Good print quality of the brand ink
  • Fair prices, all prices incl. VAT
  • You will receive an invoice with declared VAT
  • The Inktec® ink pass perfectly for the CISS, original and refilling cartridges
  • Our refill sets contain everything to fill of your ink cartridges / CISS
  • With our sets the filling is clean and simple
  • An illustrated English instructions
  • All from one source – we have very wide range of refill products almost of all kinds
  • Individual assembling of your order (all combinations of colors in 100, 500 ml or 1 liter possible)
  • Quick delivery
  • Our many years of experience are available to our customers
Do you have questions, wishes, suggestions? Have you not found the appropriate CISS / ink / cartridges? So email us please. We are looking with pleasure for you for individual solutions.