The InkTec® Company is actively developing a new production line - sublimation inks, using their latest technology and years of experience in the production of ink for inkjet printers.


Formulas of the sublimation ink DTI allow transferring images to polymers and other things covered with a polymer. Sublimation ink is widely used in the production of various souvenirs, printing of flags, banners, stands and so on. Through sublimation printing it is possible to recreate the image both with the direct printing on fabric with special impregnation and thermal transfer from paper.

With a help of the inkjet printer you can print a necessary mirror image on paper. After that the printout is applied to the surface of the product or material and heated to a certain temperature by means of special equipment for thermal transfer – thermo press. 

You can use continuous supply ink systems in order to supply sublimation ink into the inkjet printer.