Best Quality PRINTOUT24 REFILL CARTRIDGES PREFILLED for HP 84, 85 for accessible money

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Refill cartridges, mini CISS with InkTec® high-quality refill ink for HP 84, 85, 84XL, 85XL, C5016, C9425, C9427, C9424, C9428, C9429

  mini CISS - Continuous Ink Supply System Prefilled with InkTec® high-quality ink! mini CISS, prefilled with InkTec® ink, compatible to the following HP printers: HP Designjet 130 HP Designjet 130 Serie HP Designjet 130NR HP Designjet 30 HP Designjet 30 Serie HP Designjet 30..

59.00€ Ex Tax: 49.58€