Best Quality Ciss empty for HP 10, 82 for accessible money

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CISS, CIS, Continuous Ink System for HP 10, 82, 10XL, 82XL DesignJet 500, 800, 815, 820 MPF PS Plus CC800PS, Stielow 5951 E

  CISS - Continuous Ink Supply System The auto-reset chips are already integrated, the ink level indicator remains functional! Empty Continuous Ink Supply System, compatible to the following HP printers: HP Designjet 500 HP Designjet 500 Plus HP Designjet 500 PS HP Designje..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.93€

Continuous ink system supply, CISS prefilled for HP 10, 82

This CISS is compatible with the following HP printers: HP Designjet 500, HP Designjet 800, HP Designjet 500 PS, HP Designjet 500 Plus, HP Designjet 500 PS Plus, Designjet 820 MPF, HP Designjet 800 PS, HP Designjet 815 MPF, STIELOW 5951, HP Designjet CC 800 PS,  STIELOW 5951E

And also it is compatible with such HP cartridges: Nr. 10 (XL) C4844, Nr. 82 (XL) C9411, C9413, C9412

Continuous ink supply system empty isn’t supplied with ink. Therefore, you should not forget to buy high-quality ink. Taking into account, that the users of given CISS print a lot, we recommend to buy InkTec ink. This ink is doing an excellent job with the cooling of the print head, which significantly increases its service life.

CISS empty for HP has a number of advantages:

- There are already installed special auto-reset chips that read the ink level

- Empty Continuous ink supply system is equipped with everything needed for a self-installing it on the printer - filters and plugs for containers and various holders for loop.