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Continuous Ink Supply System for inkjet printers is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of the printed sheet. It is several hundred times chipper than using the original ink cartridges. Using CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) is very beneficial for users who print a lot and often. The sets of modern CISS must include a full set of cartridges for the corresponding printer model, flexible pipes for ink supply, Installation and Operation Manual for the CISS. In addition, different manufacturers can expand their CISS kits with the miscellaneous supplies and materials. For example, with external capacitance donors (different shapes, designs and different volumes from different manufacturers), the hode holder, ink of different grades, syringes for refilling the system and for initial pumping cartridge, air filters, gloves, video links, and warranty service obligations to various terms and conditions, etc. Accordingly, prices of the systems depend on their design, materials, equipment and is available to users level of technical service. In order to facilitate refilling of original cartridges, for example, the InkTec® company in addition to ink produces very practical refill kits for many HP and CANON cartridges. Refill kits contain special equipment with which the process of filling the original cartridge becomes cheap, easy and clean.

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