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InkTec® refill ink assortment is so broad that allows refilling cartridges of more than 95% of all existing inkjet printers Canon, HP, Epson, Brother. InkTec® Corporation produces ink of the different series for various models of the inkjet printers. Therefore, if you want to achieve the most accurate color reproduction and as a result, to obtain the best quality prints, it is necessary to use the series of InkTec® refill ink, which is recommended for use with your printer model. In addition, various packing of the InkTec inks in containers of 100, 250, 500, 1000 ml., provides the possibility of their use in both home and offices, major service centers or organizations. InkTec refill ink for home in continuous ink supply system packed in containers of 100 ml. This is enough to provide your printer for a long time with the high-quality consumables for printing a very large number of photos or text.